started…from 50 poems, speed notes, innumerable films, mind, moments,
a new life living to tell you who I am.

Mud, the first because I’m water
beat 96 in 3/4 Key Am
speaks ‘bout a Rebirth, the path dug out by unstoppable waterr

Inheritance, the second
beat 125 in 5/4 Key G
speaks ‘bout the love for myself left to me by my dad

Diamond Explosion, revolution in joy
beat 120, dance-fly-fun-sing-shout-glad-feel

Free Will, first class song
ballad beat 48 Key Em – A
some moments of discouragement given to us by free will

Rebirth (I Rescue My Past Lifetime), the start
beat 69…to rescue this rhythm

Extra-time (no-one but you), news …

Mama, energy …

Material Healing Sound, the consciousness …

Nature, us … 

Mercury, never surrender …..

Part-time affection, life …

I record demos with Logic Pro X and Apogee One. Rhythmic session,
violins, embellishments in the recording studio.