started…from 50 poems, speed notes, innumerable films, mind, moments,
a new life living to tell you who I am.
Mud, the first because I’m water
beat 96 in 3/4 Key Am
speaks ‘bout a Rebirth, the path dug out by unstoppable water
Inheritance, the second
Beat 125 in 5/4 Key G
speaks ‘bout the love for myself left to me by my dad
Free Will, first class song
ballad beat 48 Key Em – A
some moments of discouragement given to us by free will
Rebirth (I Rescue My Past Lifetime), the start
beat 69…to rescue this rhythm
Extra Time, news

Mama, energy

Material Healing Sound, the consciousness

Diamond Explosion, revolution

Nature, us

Part-time affection, life
I record demos with Logic Pro X and Apogee One. Rhythmic session,
violins, embellishments in the recording studio.